Khidekel News Listings

The Khidekel Society often has news to share about artists, exhibits, shows, galleries, or other happenings in the art world. This page presents the latest news, and an archive of past news stories.
Cocktail reception to celebrate the publication of the book "Lazar Khidekel and Suprematism" by Prestel publishing
Lazar Khidekel Award 2014 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Read: Daniel Libeskind's statement on the occasion
The first book dedicated solely to this important member of the Russian avant-garde, this volume profiles Lazar Khidekel, a brilliant artist and architect.
Mikhail Karasik, St. Petersburg artist, famous for his graphic works, lithographs and Artist's books, made a limited edition "Homage to Khidekel."
On Sept. 27, 2013, the award winners were announced for the XXII World Festival and Competition of Graduate Qualification Works on Architecture and Design.
In February 2013, Lazar Khidekel's works will be presented at the Moscow Proun Gallery's exhibition "The BLUE."
Visiting Nemchinovka village in Moscow area - June 2012.
Lazar Khidekel's personal creative searches from the 1950 - 1960's will be presented at the Moscow Proun Gallery's inaugural exhibition "House that was Built by Proun", marking its 5th Anniversary.
Jewelry objects based on Lazar Khidekel's Suprematist images were shown – the Khidekel Brand has been launched!
Once again, we wish to thank all friends and members of the Lazar Khidekel Society, curators and art historians, sponsors and supporters who made 2011 a wonderful and fruitful year!
This exhibition, in conjunction with the Moscow Biennial, at Proun Gallery, took place through September 24 - December 28, 2011.
An article by Ettore Gualtiero Robbiani about Lazar Khidekel as the visionary artist, architect and philosopher was published in Zurich's magazine AHEAD, Issue 3, 2011.
"Lazar Khidekel. The Rediscovered Suprematist" solo exhibition was a great success on national and European scale.
A documentary about work, life and destiny of avant-garde artist in the totalitarian society.
The Lazar Khidekel Society is deeply grateful to the New York Malevich Society for a grant supporting our work...
"Timeline" is presented at a permanent show on the museum’s ground floor, which remains unchanged for the entire five months of the exhibition COMPLETE CONCRETE run.
An exhibition on the 100-year of development of Constructivist, concrete and conceptual art and its effect on the present.
Publication of the monograph Lazar Khidekel by O.S. Khan-Magomedov, 2008.