The International Lazar Khidekel Award for Young Architects

Lazar Khidekel Award 2014 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Read: Daniel Libeskind's statement on the occasion

On October 17, 2014, the award winners were announced for the XXIII World Festival and Competition of Graduate Qualification Works on Architecture and Design.

Here is a statement by Daniel Libeskind (New York, September 30, 2014) on the occasion of the Lazar Khidekel Award for young architects. 

"In my view Lazar Khidekel is one of the greatest of innovators in architecture in our times. His conception of space, function, and modernity is something which has inspired me ever since I discovered his drawings. In Khidekel's work the word 'innovation' is not a footnote but is the central spirit of his buildings. Although his architecture is on the level of architect's who's works are well known to us like El Lissitzky, Rodchenko, Melnikov, and Vesnin, it is only recently that he has emerged into the light of history. As Sophocles says 'truth is the daughter of time' and it is now time to celebrate and be inspired by Khidekel's seminal oeuvre. He is not a mere visionary of the past, but an architect whose work should inspire all of us to become as young as his ethereal vision."

Lance Jay Brown, FAIA, DPACSA, AIA  New York Chapter President, celebrated ACSA Distinguished Professor and Architect notes,

"There is no more important engagement as that we undertake with the students, the. emerging design professionals, of our time. In the spirit of Lazar Khidekel, the pursuit of a new world, a changed world, a better world, one created in the environment of innovation, is what we must nurture constantly. It is a privilege to support such a rich and inclusive event and to help carry on the spirit of its namesake.”

Architecture + Urban Design | Founding Co-Chair, Design for Risk and Reconstruction Committee | Board Member, Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization | 2007 Topaz Medallion Laureate

Statement by Rick Bell, FAIA, Executive Director, AIA New York, 2014 AIA Kemper Award Recipient:

“It is a great privilege to again be part of the program and jury process that recognizes the work and lasting achievement of Lazar Khidekel. Student projects entered into the competition that bears his name talk not only to the remembrance of past innovation, but the future of architectural discourse and production. The collaborations and ideas that grew out of Lazar Khidekel’s Suprematist training at the Vitebsk Art School and UNOVIS anticipate what we are seeing in student work today in Azerbaijan and throughout the Russian Federation and the United States. Ahead of his time, Khidekel today brings us together.

Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University and Union of Architects of Azerbaijan
Baku, Azerbaijan
October 11-18, 2014
Exhibition opening October 16 | Award Ceremony October 17

XXIII World Festival and Competition of Graduate Qualification Works on Architecture and Design

Lazar Khidekel Award for young architects for "Innovative architectural approaches - Visionary of the XXI Century"
Competition in architecture and design; contest on architectural graphics and drawing.
More than 700 works of architecture and design from international schools of architecture have been presented to the jury.

Members of the International Jury:

Daniel Libeskind, Honorary Member of the Jury and the Lazar Khidekel Society

Rick Bell, Executive Director, American Institute of Architects, New York

Lance Jay Brown, President, American Institute of Architects, New York, Principal Lance Jay Brown, Architecture + Urban Design

Gulchokhra G. Mamedova, Rector, Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University and Member of Milli Medglis (Azerbaijani Parliament)

Elbay Qasim-zadeh, Chairman of the Board, Union of Architects of Azerbaijan

Sergey Sementsov, Dean, Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Mark Khidekel, Architect, Chairman of the Board, Lazar Khidekel Society

Regina Khidekel, Executive Director RACC, President, Lazar Khidekel Society

Julia Deviatova, Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Scientific Secretary

Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University was charged to organize XXIII World Festival and Competition of Graduate Qualification Works on Architecture and Design in 2014 according to the decision of the Council of Interregional Social Organization for Advancement of Architectural Education and leading coordinators of the Russian professional architectural education: Academic Association of Russian Higher Education Institutions for Architectural EducationUnion of Architects of Russia, International Association of Unions of ArchitectsRussian Academy of Architecture and Construction SciencesSociety of Designers of Russia.

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