Mikhail Iosifovich Razulevich, Collage on Paper

Graphic artist, illustrator, bookplate master. Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

He studied at the graphic faculty of the All Russian Academy of Arts in Leningrad. Diploma work in the CVC (1923-1927) - the design of the book "10 years of Soviet power in its typical manifestations" ("Blast Furnace").

In the 1930s he illustrated children's books and later designed and illustrated science fiction books.

This collage, which Razulevich might call a photomontage, is a unique and rare example of his work of the early 1930s.

Mikhail Iosifovich Razulevich, Collage on Paper

Artist: Mikhail Iosifovich Razulevich (1904 - 1993)
Date: circa 1931
Medium: Collage on paper
Dimensions: 31.9cm x 22.8 cm, 12 9/16 x 9 in