Uldis Zemzaris, Seascape

Uldis Zemzaris was born in Melluzi, Latvia- a summer holiday hotspot and popular fishing village, which undoubtedly left a definite mark on the artist’s work. Zemlaris’ paintings exhibit a preoccupation with the subject of fishermen—their life, work and love for the sea. In 1955, the artist graduated from Latvian State Academy of Art in Riga. During the early years of his career as a painter he studied the Belgian art collection at the Museum of fine art in Riga, as well as the French Impressionists and Post Impressionists at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. In his long career, Uldis has illustrated books, painted murals for public buildings and worked as a stage designer in Riga’s Dallies Theatre for two consecutive years, all the while drawing people and painting landscapes. In 1970s, inspired by patriarch of the 1960’s Moscow underground community Ullo Sooster, Uldis produced an exceptional series of surrealist paintings. In the recent years, he has been focusing on landscape painting, which has become his true pride and accomplishment. Uldis has participated in international shows that included his 1982 solo exhibition in the Institute of Contemporary Art Gallery in Sydney.

Participated in exhibitions since 1952. Personal exhibitions in Riga (1961, 1964, 1976, 1980, 1988, 1998), Jurmala (1976), Tartu (1965), Moscow (1974), Sydney, Australia (1982), the Aftermath (1984), Columbus (USA, 1990), new Yerke, Boston (1991).

Member of the Union of Artists since 1957 and of the Writers ' Union since 1971. He is an honored art worker of the Latvian SSR.

Together with L. Kokle, he initiated the creation of the Young Artists sector in the Union of Artists in 1957 and the exhibitions of Young Artists.

Artist Lifetime Fellow of the KKF (1999).

“Māksla un arhitektūra biogrāfijās” Atb. red. A. Vanaga – Rīga, 2003 – 4. sēj.
Skujiņš, Zigmunds. Par Uldi Zemzari, gleznotāju un rakstnieku. Zibens locīšana: apceres un sarunas. Rīga: Liesma, 1978.
Documentary film about U. Zemzaris "Man goes to the rainbow" (director A. Freimanis, 1962)

Uldis Zemzaris, Seascape

Artist: Uldis Zemzaris (1928 - 2022)
Title: Seascape
Date: 1990
Media: Oil on cardboard
Dimensions: 18 1/8 by 22,5 in.

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