Lazar Khidekel. Surviving Suprematism

Includes and interview with Lazar Khidekel's son and daughter-in-law Mark and Regina Khidekel conducted by Alla Efimova.
Khidekel, though practically unknown, was a central figure in the Russian art movement Suprematism.
He was at Vitebsk under Marc Chagall, but aligned himself with Kasimir Malevich when he came to teach at Vitebsk.
Khidekel was a member of Unovis and later Inkhuk. As Suprematism split Khidekel followed Malevich, Chashnik and Suetin.
Malevich remained a painter. Chashnik and Sutin went toward the decorative arts.
Only Khidekel became an architect.
He was able to build a few projects before the Soviet system turned away from the avant garde.
He managed to continue on as a successful architect throughout the Soviet period, but he had to keep to his Suprematist ideas in a covert way only.
He became an important thinker for entire field of Soviet Architecture and inspired what was best within that period and into the post-Soviet era.
This catalog accompanies an exhibit held at the Magnes Muesum in Berkeley between November 15th, 2004 and March 20, 2005.
This exhibition is only the second exhibit ever devoted to Khidekel's architectural

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