Andrey Goldin

Born,1960, Moscow, Russia

"There is a great interest today in artists with disabilities, and so I am introducing myself as a schizophrenic painter and sculptor from Moscow. I am part of the entourage of my mother, Natalia Ivanova. She is retired now, but was Commander of Renovations and Architecture for Moscow District during the 1980's. There, during Soviet times, Applied Arts were the only form of acceptable art. I myself am an avant garde artist and that is compounded by the fact that I have delusions of grandeur and issues with censorship. My paintings are similar to the Marquis d'Sade's writings which were banned by the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and he was tortured and murdered because of the X-rated contents of his writing. In my paintings, which contain cartoons of Brighton Beach, I revel in materialism and luxury and draw demonic creatures with hoofs and horns on their animalistic heads. While the Chinese artists have made terrific gains in terms of their careers and the Japanese schizophrenic installation artist, Yayoi Kusama, who lives in the sanitorium in Tokyo is almost as sought after as Yoko Ono, Outsider art from the Mississippi Delta is all the rage, few know about me." Contact info: