Boris Laurentiev

Boris Laurentiev is a Member of Union of Artists and a Member of International Confederation of Artist.

Of all five works of this series this one turned out to be the most difficult, I painted it the last. The two meter stretcher remained empty for probably half a year, because the way I visualized the situation of the '200 past years - 100 future years - from the capture of Bastille to the catastrophe in Asia', it was the central part that remained incomprehensible, as a symbol. I couldn't decide - or feel - what was the main thing in that past XX century.


Boris Lavrenteev was born on August 18th in Moscow. From 10 years old while at the secondary school he also attended a professional art school. After graduating Laurentiev entered Moscow Higher Art-Industrial College (Stroganov''s), the department of interior design. Boris Laurentiev is a Member of Union of Artists and a Member of International Confederation of Artist.
After serving in the army – Laurentiev''s first major project was to design a Memorial Complex in honor of the WWII victory in the Volga River region (Russia.)
From 1990 - Author's contract work in the system of RF Art Fund, creating paintings for the Palace of Youth in the city of Saratov, making Florentine mosaic for the facade of Ust-Ilimsk hydro-electric power-station, etc., at the same time creating paintings and objects of the so-called paper architecture.
1993 - 1998 - Author''s contract work with the gallery Soiuz-Art-Export.
From 1995 - Due to the beginning of private enterprise in Russia, developed and carried out architectural and design projects.
1995 - 1996 - Designed and created interiors for a French restaurant and a few cafes in Moscow.
1996 - Designed and built an amphitheater for 3000 people in Yalta (the Crimea), designing sceneries in Livadia and Alupka (the Crimea.)
1997 - Won a tender, designed and built the 2nd floor of Taganka Theatre, apart from designing the interiors, the author created frescoes and a series of lamps.
1997 - 1998 - Designed and built an entertainment complex in a GAZPROM Company resort in Moscow suburb.
1999 - 2000 - Designed and built a two-storey apartment in the center of Moscow.
2000 - 2001 - Designed and built an ethnic Moroccan and Japanese restaurants in Moscow.
1995 - 2004 - Created sketches of frescoes, mosaics, stained-glass windows, and forged metal, and the author''s supervision of the work
2003 - to date - creating an architectural project and design of interiors of a corporative residence - a complex of houses, parks, an amphitheater on a slope, etc.
2004 - to date - creating a project of reconstruction of a former "profit house" built in 1911 and changing it into an office complex, designing office interiors
At the same time of working in the direct professional capacity v creating paintings and graphics, writing short stories and essays


1993 - group exhibition "Christian Art - Traditions and Present Time" organized by Moscow Patriarchate 1993 - group exhibition at the gallery "Soiuz-Art-Export"
1994 - group exhibition in the frame of the cultural program of the World-s Championship in Tennis "Kremlin Cup-94"
1994 - group exhibition of Russian artists at "Druot" Hotel in Paris
1994 - group exhibition at the Central House of the Artists Moscow on Krymskaia Embankment at the gallery "SovArt"
1995 - personal exhibition "Listening to Gusli - Saul and David" at the Museum of Modern Politics - a branch of the Museum of Revolution
1995 - group exhibition in the frame of the cultural program of the World-s Championship in Tennis "Kremlin Cup-95"
1996 - group exhibition "Sex-tine Chapel" at Metropol in Moscow
1996 - group exhibition at the headquarters of the Moscow channel "TV-Center"
1996 - group exhibition at "Inter Art Gallery Reich" (Koeln) together with German artists
1997 - exhibition at ProBuisness bank headquarters
1997 - personal exposition at the exhibition "Art Manege-97"
1998 - group exhibition at Central House of the Artists Moscow
1998 - personal exhibition at the Moscow branch of "MacArthurs- Fund" (USA)
1998 - exhibition of paintings and photography at "Le Club" (Moscow)
1999 - group exhibition at the gallery "Kino"
2000 - exhibition of paintings at the National Reserve bank (Moscow)
2000 - personal exhibition "Defloration of Myth" at Central House of the Artists Moscow
2000 - personal exhibition at the business complex "Estate"
2002 - personal exhibition "I Make Photograph of Myth" at Central House of the Artists Moscow
2004 - group exhibition in the frame of the cultural program of the -Championship of Russia in Snowjumping in Zavidovo
2002-2004 - exhibition of paintings and collages at ALFA BANK


National Reserve Bank, Russia; ProBusinessBank, Russia; ALFA BANK, Russia; Deutsche Bank Collection & U.J. Muller (private collection), Hamburg, Germany; Inter Art Reich Gallery, Koeln, Germany; Collection of Jrmgard Gosebruch, Bruxelles, Belgium; «Optimation» Company, Munich, Germany; Collection of O. von Schmitz-Horbach, Aachen, Germany; Gallery Modern Art & Design, Hans Eberhard, Stuttgart, Germany; «Bel Development» Co. (structure of «Russian Aluminum» Co.), Russia; «Russian Aluminium» Company, Russia»; Dr. Kerner’s Collection, Munich, Germany; A. Bertolini’s Collection, Rome, Italy; Dr. Norbert Schaller’s Collection, Korneuburg/Vena, Austria; Stephane Frappat''s Collection, CEO of the Camden Partners L.L.P., Paris, France; Collection of Preston H. Haskell, FL, USA, Director of the Colliers International, USA/UK; Collection of Naum Olev, Director of the Zero Gallery, Russia; OAO «LUKOIL», Russia; International UNESCO Foundation, Russia

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