Mark Khidekel

New paintings, inspired by memories of the artist's work under Apollo-Soyuz project. Curated by Dmitry Borshch

Internationally renowned architect, designer and artist, Mark Khidekel has received a number of international awards including the Grand Prix at the World InterArch Biennial. A participant in international architecture and art exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale, he has also had several solo shows including the recent exhibition Suprematism and Cosmos in St. Petersburg in 2020.

Mark Khidekel about his new works:
The idea of these paintings is inspired by memories of my work under the Apollo-Soyuz project to create residential modules for settlements on the Moon. An unfulfilled space odyssey.
What happens in space is a vision of the past or the future. It seems to me that in this starry void multicolor is born, worlds invisible from earth, the birth of the new and the light of the unknown.
The figures of Cosmonauts - Zemlenites are not ordinary spacesuits, but intuitively functional structures created by fantasy and obscurity.
The infinity of the canvas of the picture is the optimism of resettlement in the universe with the catastrophes of dying and rebirth.