Lazar Khidekel Brand

Mark Khidekel, renowned architect, designer and artist, continues the style of Suprematism after his father, Lazar Khidekel (1904-1982), prominent Avant-garde Suprematist and architect from the circle of Kazimir Malevich (1878- 1935).

Dr. Mark Khidekel, renowned architect, designer and artist, continues to develop the style of Suprematism after his father, Lazar Khidekel (1904-1982), prominent Avant-garde Suprematist artist and architect from the close circle of Kazimir Malevich (1878- 1935). The Post-Suprematist Architectural Dishes or "Neo-Suprematist" as Constantine Boym, noted designer and critic, called them in his article about Mark Khidekel's design at Louisiana Revy (36 argang Nr.2, 1996), were conceived in the end of the 1980's and first sets were produced in 1994. Today Mark Khidekel is in a process of extending the scope of his designs in different areas and manufacturing them under his company name.

Dr. Khidekel participated in several international competitions and has received a number of international prizes including the Grand Prix of the World Biennial INTERARCH in 1983. He was a visiting professor at Parsons School of American Design and collaborated with Philip Johnson on a big scale international project. Registered Architect of New York State (1996), Mark Khidekel often participates in the international exhibitions and architectural competitions. Beside industrial and residential, Dr. Mark Khidekel is known for his visionary projects such as Vertical Highway (1999-2001) and Bridge-City (2009) (NY Sun, The New York Times). Graphic works of Mark Khidekel were sold at Bloomsbury Auction, New York, December 2010.

Architectural works and drawings by Mark Khidekel featured at the Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed exhibition at ZKM Museum of Contemporary art, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2010-2011, and in the book Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed by Frederic Chaubin (Taschen 2011).

See review: Swansongs of a superpower: Russia's secret architecture by Jonathan Glancey, Monday, 7 February, 2011

Selected Exhibitions:
Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2010-2011
Tests of Time. Five Reflections, NYC 2003
Skyline Remembered, Skyline Thought, RACC, NYC, 2002
Dumbo Double Deuce, NY, 2001 (exhibition design by Mark Khidekel)
National Art Club, NYC, 1996
The Leonard Hutton Galleries, NYC, 1995
The Educational Alliance, NYC, 1995

Zimmerly Museum, NJ; Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia; The History Museum of St. Petersburg; The Fund of Preservation of Russian Avant-garde, Moscow; Private collections of Philip Johnson, Norton Dodge, Pig and Marie Schwartz, Yuri Traisman, Sergey Gordeev, and other in the USA, Russia, Israel, and Germany

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Auctions: Bloomsbury Art Auction, New York, December 16, 2010
RACC Gala-Art Auction at Sotheby’s, June 2007