Yiddishland Pavilion

Talk by Maria Veits, curator of the Yiddishland Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2022 - June 21. Representing pseudo-territory: Yiddishland Pavilion puts itself on the map of the Venice Biennale connected through the Yiddish language and culture.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2022 | 5 - 7 PM ET

Talk by Maria Veits, curator of the Yiddidshland Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2022

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RACC 2022 Diaspora and Art Film festivals now in their tenth edition are presented in a variety of formats – in person, online and on ZOOM. An interactive illustrated talk by Maria Veits, curator of the Yiddidshland Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2022, is part of the festival where diaspora issues, history, cultural traditions and new media intertwine and meet innovative artistic practices.

Yiddishland Pavilion is the first independent transnational pavilion bringing together artists and scholars who activate Yiddish and the diasporic Jewish discourse in contemporary artistic practice. The Pavilion’s activities—performances, discussions, presentations of new artworks, physical and digital interventions— unfold in Venice and online between April and November 2022 in a dialogue and collaboration with national pavilions of countries with histories of Yiddish-speaking Jewish migration. Being a fluid and nomadic project that is dispersed between Venice and the virtual world, Yiddishland Pavilion represents Yiddishland ( ייִדישלאַנד or  אידישלאַנד)—an imaginary country/land/space/territory and a stateless network connected through the Yiddish language and culture. Curated by Maria Veits and Yevgeniy Fiks, Yiddishland Pavilion analyzes the erosion of global political constellations, practices collective remembrance, condemns war and occupation, and documents consequences of migration and politics of exclusion that target “Otherness.”

During the talk, one of the pavilion curators, Maria Veits will speak about the concept and mission of the Yiddishland Pavilion and present some of the artistic projects and discursive events that shape its programming this year at the Venice biennale and online.


MARIA VEITS is an independent curator and researcher. In her curatorial projects, Maria traces the ways of how manipulating information and rewriting history can be integrated in the processes of nation-building through the system of education, media, architecture and other social institutions and forms of statehood. She explores artistic strategies of alternative knowledge production that also disclose the state mechanisms of constructing dominant, often suppressive, narratives.

Maria is a co-founder of TOK, a female curatorial collective and a nomadic platform based on principles of horizontality, collectivity, transdisciplinary exchange and knowledge-building. In the past few years she curated «Off to Space: Conternarrating the Cosmos» (Central for Digital Art, Holon, 2020) and co-curated «Get Real!» (Luda Gallery, St Petersburg, 2021, and Het Nieuwue Instituut, Rotterdam, 2022), «Voicing the silence» (CCI Fabrica, Moscow, 2021, apexart international open call winner 2020-2021) and «Intensive Places» (the main exhibition of the Tallinn Photomonth biennale, 2021).