2018 Art Film Festival

Presented in collaboration with the Russian and Slavic Studies Program, Hunter College, CUNY | FREE OF CHARGE

Event Venue:

Ida K. Lang Recital Hall at Hunter College
695 Park Ave, New York, NY 10065

Event Date:

Sunday, March 18, 2018 | 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Russian American Cultural Center, in collaboration with the Russian and Slavic Studies Program, Hunter College, CUNY is pleased to announce:

2018 Art Film Festival

Celebrating Russian Émigré Culture: Homage to New York Artists and Filmmakers


2:00 PM | Vagrich and the Black Square by Andrei Zagdansky

USA – Ukraine 2015 | 1h 21 min | Documentary, Animation, Biography | Russian with English subtitles

Vagrich and the Black Square is a collage, essay, and documentary in tribute to an avant-garde artist and a free-thinking man: Vagrich Bakhchanyan. Viewers are immersed in the absurd and bitterly funny universe of the artist as scholars and friends reflect on his life, enigma, and the mystique of his connection with Kazimir Malevich’s famous Black Square, an inception point of Russian avant-garde.

Q&A with Andrei Zagdansky, film director

3:40 PM | Out of Box by Semyon Pinkhasov

USA 2016 | 38 min | Documentary | English, some Russian with English subtitles

Gregory Perkel is a Russian-born American artist. Before immigrating to the United States with his family in 1977, he lived in the USSR for 37 years. This film is the story of an artist with experiences from living in two countries and two very different worlds. Gregory Perkel’s reflections on life, art, and society as a whole, along with insights from others about him, are the essence of this documentary.

Q&A with Semyon Pinkhasov and Gregory Perkel

4:30 PM | GRISHA BRUSKIN: A 30 YEARS’ SAGA by Nina Zaretskaya

Russia/USA 1992 - 2012 | 1 hr 30 min | Documentary, Biography | Russian with English subtitles

Three documentaries by Nina Zaretskaya, revealing the creative development of one of the most distinguished Russian-American artists, Grisha Bruskin. The trilogy begins thirty years ago, focusing on two crucial for the artist events taking place in 1988 Moscow – his performance at the Kashirka exhibition hall and the first Russian Sotheby's auction – and stretches out to the present day, providing the audience with the unique chance to understand in depth the art of this extraordinary artist.

BIRTH OF A HERO (30 min, 1992 – 1993)

From the TV cycle TV GALLERY, the first documentary ever made on now world-famous Sots-artist Grisha Bruskin, “champion” of the first Sotheby's auction in Russia.

GRISHA BRUSKIN (26 min, 2002)

From the TV cycle CLASSICS OF CONTEMPORARY ART, focused on internationally acclaimed contemporary artists, produced with the support of the Ford Foundation and Internews.

PAST IMPERFECT (26 min, 2012)

From the series of documentaries titled RUSSIAN AMERICA, profiling Russian-American cultural elite. Each character is from the former USSR and now living in New York.

The 2002’ and 2012’ films were translated into English with the help of Dr. Margarit Ordukhanyan's translation seminar students, Hunter College, CUNY.

Q&A with Nina Zaretskaya and Grisha Bruskin

6:15 PM | Regina. After the Exhibition by David Barish

USA 1999 | 18 min | Documentary

Screening dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the groundbreaking exhibition: “It’s the Real Thing. Soviet and Post-Soviet Sots art and American Pop art”, Weisman Art Museum, 1998.

Interview 20 Years later by Lesya Matsko. 10 min, 2016, Paris

Q&A with Regina Khidekel


6:45 PM | Discussion Panel: Regina Khidekel, Andrei Zagdansky, Nina Zaretskaya, Grisha Bruskin, Semyon Pinkhasov, David Barish and Irene Bakhchanyan


Watch 2018 Art Film Festival oppening remarks via YouTube

Watch 2018 Art Film Festival Discussion Panel via YouTube

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Hunter College, Lang Recital Hall - Room 424 North Building.  Entrance: south side of East 69th St. between Park Ave. & Lexington Ave.  Photo ID required for entry.  
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